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Day 5: Portage to Portage (154.03 km):

Charlottetown (6:00 a.m.) Yes, that title sounds like we are going in circles, and we are!  We have another long day of cycling ahead of us as we leave Portage around 9 a.m., cycle to North Cape, at the tip of western PEI, make our way down the west coast, and return to Portage (approximately 163 km).  The day has dawned sunny and calm, for now at least.  One pedal stroke at a time…

It takes dedication to cycle and prepare for a trip such as the 850 km perimeter tour of Prince Edward Island.  It also takes dedication to maintain your health when you are living Cystic Fibrosis.  Did you know that a Canadian with cystic fibrosis spends the equivalent of more than four months of full-time work doing life-sustaining treatments every year?  Masks, physiotherapy to loosen mucus in the lungs, fistfuls of pills to maintain weight, etc.

I will update the blog again later today after we have finished our 5th leg.

Mill River (9:00 p.m.): We left Charlottetown around 8 and got to Portage about 10:00 a.m.  Today we enjoyed bright sunny skies but with that came wind. We left Portage and cycled west on route 2, turning right towards Alberton and North Cape.  When we turned onto this road, we noticed a sign saying the road was closed as they were replacing a bridge just before Alberton. The road worker told us we would be able to pass. As it tuned out, we could but we had to walk across mounds of clay while portaging out bikes. After digging dirt out of our cleats, we carried on to North Cape.

Alberton portage

After North Cape we backtracked a short distance and took a road that cut cross country to the west coast. As we turned to head south, winds began to taunt us. We stopped in Skinner’s Pond to eat our take-out lunch that our support drivers Gerrit and Brenda had picked up for us. After lunch we carried on toward West Cape.  We experienced wind all the way, although it was less windy than the other days we cycled.

We arrived in Portage about 5:30, happy to have a long day of cycling behind us.  We packed the bikes on the truck and drove to Mill River, where we are overnighting.  Back on the bikes early tomorrow morning to cycle from Portage to Victoria by the Sea.

Thanks to Gerrit and Brenda for supporting us and taking pictures today!

Stats for the day (thanks to Jan): distance: 154.03 km; time in saddle: 6:00:36; average speed: 25.63 km/ hr; maximum speed: 47.66 km/ hr, calories burned: 4494; ascent: 616 meters; descent: 623 meters






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