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Day 6: Portage to Victoria by the Sea (115.97 km)

We were up early this morning for breakfast at Mill River Resort.  We packed the truck at 7:30 and met Norma, our support driver for the day, in Portage at 8:00 a.m.  The weather forecast said cloudy and winds from the south at 10-15 km/hr.

We cycled along route 2 for a bit before veering south on route 11.  We followed a tree-lined route for quite a while before veering east and following the water’s edge.  The weather forecast was accurate insofar as it was cloudy today.  The wind was not troublesome early today, but it increased as the day progressed.

We were greeted by many dogs today, most of which stayed in their yards and barked as we went by.  One little dog found itself on the road in front of us as we were approaching.  He ran away, maybe not sure what to make of the four of us passing on our bikes.

Image 2

We carried on through Abram-Village, Cap Egmont, Mont Carmel, all Acadian regions of PEI, then on to Summerside.  Departing Summerside, we followed route 1A until Bedeque, where we veered off on less busy roads that led us towards Borden-Carleton and the Confederation Bridge.

We arrived in Victoria around 1 pm, wind dogging us to the very end.  The wind has really been the wild card in the PEI perimeter tour so far, by times providing a nice tailwind to push us along, but primarily taunting us with headwinds or crosswinds.

Image 1


On Sunday we will complete the last leg of our perimeter tour, a 65 km segment from Victoria by the Sea to Charlottetown.  If you are interested in joining us, please send me an email: pclarkpe@gmail.com

Stats for the day (thanks to Jan): Time in saddle: 4:31:38; Distance: 115.97 km/hr, Average speed: 25.62 km/hr; Maximum speed: 47.54 km/hr; Calories burned: 3356, Ascent: 592 meters; Descent: 599 meters.

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